Algoma Bedroom Collection

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All are available in different stains, wood types, hardware and can be built to custom dimensions.

Algoma Open Night Stand N-AL10

Dimensions: 27Wx28-1/4Hx18-5/8D

Algoma 1 Drawer Nightstand N-AL11

Dimensions: 27Wx28-1/4Hx18-5/8D

Algoma 2 Drawer Nightstand N-AL12

Dimensions: 27Wx28-1/4Hx18-5/8D


Algoma 4 Drawer Chest N-AL14

Dimensions: 42Wx44-3/4Hx18-5/8D

Algoma 5 Drawer 1 Door Gentlemans Chest N-AL27


Algoma 5 Drawer Chest N-AL15

Dimensions: 42Wx53-3/4Hx18-5/8D


Algoma 6 Drawer Dresser N-AL18

Dimensions: 63-1/2Wx35-3/4Hx18-5/8D


Algoma 6 Drawer Long Dresser N-AL18L

Dimensions: 75-1/2Wx35-3/4Hx18-5/8D


Algoma 8 Drawer High Dresser N-AL28

Dimensions: 63-1/2Wx44-3/4Hx18-5/8D


Algoma 8 Drawer Long High Dresser

Dimensions: 75-1/2Wx44-3/4Hx18-5/8D


Algoma Queen 4 Drawer Storage Platform Bed with 22” Low Footboard N-ALQL4SP (ALL beds available in Double, Queen and King)

Dimensions: 67-1/2Wx58Hx86D


Algoma Queen Bed with 22” Low Footboard N-AL-QL

Dimensions: 67-1/2Wx58Hx86D


Algoma Queen Bed with 32” High Footboard N-AL-Q

Dimensions: 67-1/2Wx58Hx86D